2023 Mazda 6 Release Date, Price, & Redesign

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2023 Mazda 6 Release Date, Price, & Redesign. Mazda plans to release its new 2023 Mazda 6 sometime in 2023. Accordingly, Mazda continues to working on a new installment of this car. Accordingly, The Hiroshima plant promises a few groundbreaking changes. They planned to launch the new sedan in early 2023.

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What We Have On The Table So Far?

Essentially, Mazda has struggled to bring back the sedan wheeling on the road. Mazda expects to have a redesign of a family car. But, they face an uphill battle with shrinking segment sales and a hard hit by the Honda Accord redesign.

Not to mention that the scandal of Volkswagen diesel emission also provokes a negative judgment on sedan cars. That is why, ultimately, Mazda ended up produce Mazda’s CX 5. But it is also another disappointment since the fuel economy is not that economist.

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Mazda learns a lot in their hard times and works hard to regain their honor. They want to bring back the glory of the sedan in Mazda 6. Even though the niche grows smaller, Mazda still a favorite in the mid-size segment.

They know what they are doing by redesign Mazda 6 and the discussion about release, upgrade, and adjustment date keep going on.

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The Engine Changes In Mazda 6

Mazda 6 will likely offer all new-engine. Accordingly, because of the development, a 2-liter kindle handled compression engine will be on it. There is an option to add moderate-hybrid with 48-voltage battery power. But this option is still lying on the desk.

Mazda confident to show the world that they have a SkyActive-D Gen 2 turbo diesel just at the same time Mazda 6 gets its release. Therefore, effectiveness is what Mazda 6 is trying to offer and provide. Related to the latest engine, Mazda 6 will receive 250 horsepower and torque of 310 lb-toes.

Having some chassis and suspension changes also applies in Mazda 6. It will allow the driver to choose suspension tightness. This suspension tightness depends on the driving condition. On the other hand, having a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine under the hood will make the driver manage the fuel economy more easily.

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2023 Mazda 6 Redesign & Changes

Back in 2012, Mazda released the first generation of Mazda 6. Then, they release a new facelift 6 years later. Ultimately, drivers across the globe are enthusiastic about the new version of it. Even more, Mazda purist is very excited to know that there will be some upgrade to the facelift.

Change in Front Light

Analysts keep saying that Mazda 6 is a fantastic auto. Accordingly, to keep that analysis, Mazda makes specific changes. Above all the speculations of this exterior redesign, Mazda 6 promises to have changes in front light. It will be thinner and set a better angle to the middle of the fascia’s front side.

Athletic Sight

Also, they build a sharper grille and spectacular directed front in this new sedan. To support the athletic sight, Mazda 6 will be provided with 17 together with 19 tires. The geometry suspensions are also increasing. Meanwhile, on the car’s body, the directing carrier will be placed.


The car’s dimension will increase a few inches more, especially in length and breadth. A substantial chrome was also added to the new sedan. Additionally, in the new model’s grille, the will put Mazda emblem smack in the middle. Thus, the grill will be more aggressive.

Interior Updates

Speaking of the interior design, traveling and security features have become the highlight of the cabin. Meanwhile, additional convenience has been added so that the public will love Mazda 6. Accordingly, the entrance sitting has become more spacious. Not to mention the denseness foam fabric on it. This sedan will be super comfortable.

Thanks to the 2012 original version of Mazda 6 to get a clean, shiny look yet elegance. Still related to the clean design, the heart bunch and AC board will have that advantage too.

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Not to mention that the interior is using an ultra-suede clip and flexible Nappa leather. Another thing that matters is that this car can carry 5 passengers. Spacious enough for a sedan.

Automatic Windscreen Wipers And De-Icing System

Actually, there is another convenience in this promising car. Mazda adds automatic windscreen wipers as well as a de-icing system. They also install a heads up display system in the car. These features will likely increase convenience, and driving the car will be easier.

2023 Mazda 6 Release Date & Price

When Is 2023 Mazda 6 Coming Out? As stated above that most likely, Mazda 6 will come out in early 2023. But the exact date is still a discussion. However, this new sedan has been teased in the showroom by the end of 2022. Actually the public has seen the expected car. Due to upgrading, we must wait a little longer until the estimated release date is confirming.

The expected price for the base version of Mazda 6 will be $23,000. While the premium version, surely with extra features, will be at around $35,000.

Surely this estimated price will likely be increased due to any upgrade and upon release. This sounds too much, but with the elegance and style offers by Mazda 6, that price is suitable.

Even though most of the features has known, the auto lover must wait a bit longer for the exact release date. Which means the price will likely increase. Mostly, upon release, the company will increase the price. According to the timetable, a reliable source claim that the 2023 Mazda 6 will hit a showroom in April next year. Still, all of us have plenty of time to prepare the cash.